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Herocross The Alien Hybrid Metal Figure


A Hybrid Metal Figure of The Alien Herocross.


One of the most elegant monster designs of all time was the original Alien, also known as the Xenomorph.  The Alien was first introduced to us over 30 years ago, in 1979!

Herocross have added some new elements to the alien, but still keeping its traditional design at the same time.  The main part of the body of the figure is made with hybrid metal, as well as having 30 points of articulation. 

Adult Alien will also use its pitch black carapace to its advantage, lurking in the shadows whilst waiting for prey to stray too close. This unique black carapace is made of Plastic and Metal, these materials make the carapace looks more natural and enhances the layer to a higher level.

In order to acquire the high level of quality collector's wish for,  transparent PVC has been used to creat the saliva. There is also a hidden feature of the second mouth (Inner jaw), and to reveal this, you just press the hidden button.

The figure also includes a facehugger, which typically lie in formant in eggs until they sense the movement of a possible host, at which point they hatch. They attack by attaching themselves to a host's face and implanting them with an alien parasite, using a tube which is inserted into the host's mouth. 

This figure stands at approximately 6" tall, for ages 15+