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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Action Figures


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EXCELLENT! Bill and Ted action figures complete with guitars and build-you-own phone booth.


Wyld Stallyns are Bill S. Preston, Esq (guiatr) and Ted "Theordore" Logan (guitar).  700 years in the future, the Wyld Stallyns' message of "Be Excellent to Each Other" is the basis of a most bodacious utopian society.  But if they flunk high school history, that future might never be...

Catch an encore performance by the band in this most triumphant box set of retro clothed action figures from the classic movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Both Bill and Ted stand approximately 8" tall and feature the likeness of actors Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.   Each of the figures come with tailored clothing similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s, and they come with their own guitars!

Even the packaging has a special surprise for you...if you punch out the cardboard inserts, it's a build your own most non-heinouse phone booth! The booth measures 9 x 4 x 4” when assembled.