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Colonal Marines 30th Anniversary - Hicks & Hudson


"Game over man. Game over." (SORRY SOLD OUT)

Continuing the celebration of Aliens being 30 years old - NECA has released this special edition twin pack of figures including the iconic Hicks and Hudson, who have both been out of production for a while.

Here, they are colelcted wth all the pieces that appeared in their previous individuals and 2-pack releases.

Each figure stands at approximately 7" tall and comes with an interchangeable head. along with a helmeted "combat" sculpt.  

The signatures weapons and accessories included are: pulse rifles, motion detectors, shoulder lamps, welding torches, shotgun and shotgun carrier.

Both figures have been perfectly stylised after their actors Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn and feature over 30 points of articulation so you can pose them in dramatic ways. 

If you missed out on the original releases, this special edition twin pack is the perfect way for Aliens fans to complete their collection.