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Model Kit of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E


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A snap together model kit of the NCC-1701-E ship.

These small kits have big detail and allow you to display various in-scale versions of the Enterprise on one shelf!

This 1/2500th-scale Cadet Series kit features the Enterprise-E from Star Trek: First Contact. The model kit includes aztec/marking decals and has easy snap assembly.  For extra sterdiness, you have the option of using glue (not included). 

The Enterprise-E shared many of the classic design elements of previous starships including twin nacelles, a saucer-like main section and torpedo-like engineering hull with deflector dish. This new version, however, featured a sleeker, more needle-like appearance, indicative of its advanced warp capabilities and enhanced weaponry.

The ship will measure approximately 10.75" in length once completed.

Ages 10+