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USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Cutaway Model Kit


You can either build the complete USS Enterprise or build it as a cutaway.


The Enterprise was featured as a setting for some of the most dramatic moments of the Star Trek: The Original Series.  The bridge was the command center where the iconic helm and captain's chair were surrounded by stations that controlled every area of the ship.  From there encounters were overseen with everything from the uncontrollable power found at the edges of space to new "life forms" like the robotic Nomad probe.  The action spread beyong the bridge to areas of the ship like engineering where Captain Kirk confronted the formidable Kham Noonien Singh.  Other areas of the ship such as the transporter room and shuttlebay served as the points from which further adventures were launched.  

This plastic model kit brings many areas of the USS Enterprise to light allowing exploration of the ship from stem to stern.  Removable panels can be installed to build a complete ship, or the ship can be left open for full display.  A decal sheet supplises all ship markings as well as some inner details.  A metal tube that attaches to a dome base supports the ship.  Pictorial instructions are included to direct assembly.

Skill level 2 - paint and cement required.

When completed, the ship will measure approximately 22" in length.  

Ages 10+