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Firefly Playing Cards Serenity


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Relieve your boredom with these Firefly playing cards.

If the night is dragging, or days for that matter, nothing beats this set of cards in playing Earth-That-Was card games, there's nothing quite so versatile as Firefly Playing Cards.

This product includes 56 cards: standard 52-card deck; 2 jokers and 2 IOUs.

They are printed on Bicycle-grade paper with a satiny embossed finish and every inch of this deck is designed with Firefly in mind.

Whether it's Vera on the Jack of Clubs, the companion taking a sponge bath on the Queen of Diamonds, or Serenity herself on the Ace of Spades, the Firefly Playing Cards sport dozens of unique works of art from the mind of renowned Browncoat artist Ben Mund!