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The Iron Giant Diecast Action Figure RIOBOT 16 cm


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Available: 15-Mar-2019


From the touching animated film "The Iron Giant" which depicts the friendship between a teenage boy and a robot, RIOBOT Iron Giant appears! Produced in 1999 and having been extremely popular since its release 19 years ago, this is still a remarkable masterpiece loved by fans around the world!

It will be released as a finished toy with full action, full colour and some parts being made of die-cast. It offers a unique proportion and a very retrospective form.

The figure is around 16 cm tall so it makes its own presence felt.

Impressive scenes in the play such as squatting down to communicate with Hogarth, lying and sitting while holding the knees (PE sitting) can all be reproduced!

Movable parts are equipped with pull-out mechanism to fulfill high degree of freedom in action without damaging the overall design.


Fists, Open hands, Interchangeable heads x2, Sign (S mark), Interchangeable teeth