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Mage Knight Board Game


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Play either competitively or cooperatively in this game of exploring and conquering. (One of my favorite solo board games)

Explore and conquer in this epic Mage Knight Board Game.

Take control of one of four powerful Mage Knight Heroes and make your way through a variety of competitive and cooperative scenarios to build your own personal legend. 

As you play you can conquer a mage tower, learn spells, explore dungeons, discover artefacts or even recruit units to fight your cause.

As you progress through each journey you can power up and build your action and skill set for whichever mission is at hand.

Remember though that every decision you make will either hinder or improve your fame.  And to become the victor, you must acquire the greatest acclaim.

This game combines elements of role play, deckbuilding and a traditional board game. 

Playing time takes approximately 150 minutes.

Great Solitaire game too.

1-4 players, ages 14+