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Oddjob 1/6 Collector Figure Limited Edition




A loyal personal, bodyguard and golf caddy to gold smuggler Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob carries himself with a tough demeanour.  

We are proud to present Big Chief Studios new Sixth Scale Figures, including this one of Oddjob, based on Harold Sakata's portrayal in the 1964 movie. 

The figure is fully stylised with exceptional detail with a hand-tailored costume, including his infamous hat, which in the movie has a metal rim so he can use it as a lethal weapon.

The artists behind the figure have developed the most faithful, meticulously detailed replica in sixth scale form, and the figure comes with numerous accessories including a special display base with illuminating character name plaque.

Included in the box:

• 1 x Oddjob Portrait Head featuring Authentic Likeness of Harold Sakata
• 1 x Suit Jacket
• 1 x Waistcoat
• 1 x Pair of Suit Trousers with Bracers (Suspenders)
• 1 x Shirt
• 1 x Tie
• 1 x Pair of Sock Tubes (Partial)
• 1 x Pair of Gentleman’s Shoes
• 10 x Interchangeable Hands
• 1 x Display Base with Illuminating Character Name Plaque

Accessories included with the figure:

• 1 x Bowler Hat
• 1 x Decapitated Head of Statue
• 1 x .45 Semi Automatic Pistol with Removable Magazine & Suppressor
• 1 x Wristwatch
• 1 x Golf Ball
• 1 x Fort Knox Gold Bullion Bar
• 1 x Printed Display Backdrop
• 1 x Accessory

This figure is officially licensed and fully authorised by EON Productions Ltd, and stands at approximately 12"tall.