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Herocross AVP Scar Predator Hybrid Metal Figure


A Hybrid Metal Figure of Scar Predator by Herocross.


Scar Predator featured in the movie Aliens vs Predator (2004) and was one of the three predators who undertook the initiation hunt in the ancient Predator Pyramid underneath Bouvet Island, Planet Earth. 

Scar Predator was the only predator to complete the ritual of killing an Alien and gained the Blooded status.  He marked his face and his Bio-mask with the corrosive blood of the Alien he killed thus gaining the nickname.

The Hybrid Metal Figuration is #20 in the Herocross line has a body, arms and legs made with alloy with die-cast outfits that displays details of Scar's armour and body.  

The figure has 20 points of articulation, allowing great mobility for collector's to display it in his famous poses from the movie.  

The figure comes complete with numerous accessories including Plasma Caster, Wrist Blades, 2 Comib-Sticks (one retracted and one extended), Shuriken and Ceremonial Dagger.  It also has six interchangable hands, and two interchangable faces (1 with Bio-mask and LED traking device, and 1 withoiut Bio-mask). 

Measures approximately 5.5" tall, ages 15+