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Series 8 Walking Dead Action Figures Full Set of 5


Own all your favourite characters from series 8 with this excellent set from McFarlane Toys!


Walking Dead Comic Series 8 Set Rick Grimes, Morgan Jones, Dale Hovarth, Bob Stocky, Eugene Porter

FULL Set of 5 action figures from the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has once again graced our screens with it’s captivating look at the cost of human life when surviving in a post apocalyptic world. Season 5 has taken the group from the mysterious Terminus, back into the heart of Atlanta and onward in search of refuge in Washington D.C. Along the way they have lost friends, family and have been pushed to the edge in their fight for survival.

This brand new series of action figures includes favourites Morgan Jones, Dale Horvath, Bob Stocky, Rick Grimes and Eugene Porter, all with 22 points of articulation. Each character is complete with weapons and accessories allowing you to play out your favourite scenes of the hit series!